*Policies and Procedures*

Classroom Assessment Policies for Students and Parents

Make-up Work: All make-up work must be completed within one week of having missed it, when applicable. Students are responsible for consulting with me and scheduling a suitable time to complete the work. If the work is not completed within this time frame, points will be lost or the assignment may result in a grade of zero. Moreover, the opportunity to make up the work will then be lost. (See the Student Handbook for more information on make up policy)

Writing Revision: All revisions must be completed within one week of the date graded work is returned. There are two types of revisions: mandatory and optional.

Students may receive a mandatory revision when their written work earns a score below 70, or for any other submitted work I deem unacceptable. When a revision is mandated, students will receive written feedback detailing the reasons for revision, and they are required to meet with me to discuss the necessary changes to their work. If the mandatory revision is not completed within one week of the return date, or if the student does not take the necessary step of arranging a meeting with me, the student will receive a default grade of 60 for that assignment, unless the score is already higher than that–OR lower.  Incomplete or partially written assignments are counted as failing grades. All writing assignments throughout the year carry the possibility of a mandated revision.

Optional revisions are only offered for the first formal essay of the year for any grade below an A-. If students choose to revise their work, they must consult with me on ways to improve their written work within the one-week revision period. Revisions without meeting with me will not be accepted. No optional revisions for grades above a C+ are permitted for all subsequent essays and other writing assignments.

*Note: I reserve the right to decline the privilege of an optional rewrite.

Retakes: Students may retake a test or other assignment on which they have performed poorly. However, not every assignment can be retaken (please see eligible and ineligible assessments below), and all retakes must be completed within one week of the date a graded assignment is returned, or the opportunity will be lost. In order to retake an assignment, students must meet with me, proactively, to provide reasons, in the form a written request, for having to complete a retake and to schedule a date and time after school to do so. Please note: “I didn’t study” is not a justifiable reason to request a retake. Family issues or other circumstances beyond a student’s control must be documented with a letter from a parent/guardian in order to qualify for a retake.

Eligible assessments for retakes: Most formal tests and some quizzes, within the designated time only.

Ineligible assessments for retakes: comprehension quizzes, in class presentations/group work.

*Note: I reserve the right to deny the possibility of retaking any assessment, regardless of the reason for requesting a retake, and assignments must be completed within the designated time frame to avoid missing status, which factors as a zero.

Homework: Missing homework must be made up within one calendar week of the due date. Students are responsible for meeting with me and requesting the retake of homework assignments. Homework is posted on the class blog and is provided to students on the board each day in the classroom. On the blog, students may simply access any documents handed out in class. Therefore, students are required to check this blog each day. It is important to remember that students are ultimately responsible for completing their work and for following up on missing work. Do not expect me to approach you regarding missing homework. Students may sometimes be excused for homework because of absence.

*Note: I reserve the right to deny the possibility of retaking or making up any homework. Homework cannot be made up for any reason after the one week grace period. 

Classroom work and other group work: There is no possibility for making up in-class and group work missed because of absence. Students will generally be, as a result of absence only, excused for these. In the event that a student is present and does not complete group work or any assignment involving presenting to the class, no retake will offered and the presentation will count as a zero.