Period 5 Homework (Trimester 2)

1/29/18: Read Chapter 18 of Fallen Angels.

11/14/17: Complete reading #3

10/30/17: Begin drafting your author’s preface to your Gothic stories. The preface will be completed at home.


10/17/17: Your one page Gothic character sketch is due this Friday, Oct. 20th. It should be typed, in Times New Roman 12pt font–single spaced. Email yourselves a copy to your school email address and bring a copy to class.   


10/13/17: Your two-paragraph Gothic setting is due on Monday. Be creative. Imagine what a person might see and feel while traveling through your setting.


10/11/17: Complete your two-paragraph journal assignment on the symbolism of the eye in “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

–Don’t forget: your two-paragraph Gothic setting is due on Monday…



9/11/17: Read Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” by Thursday. Be sure to mark up and annotate

9/6/17: Your journals with self reflection #1 are due.