A Message to Parents

Dear Parents of Abington Middle School Students,

I am absolutely delighted to have begun a new year at Abington Middle School. In English class this year, we will challenge the boundaries of your children’s academic knowledge and skills so they may learn to think critically and creatively about literature, and, ultimately, become more skilled communicators through speech and writing. These are life skills, and students will benefit in many ways from actively engaging in Abington’s English program. This blog will help you to play an active, necessary, and welcome role in your children’s education.

Homework, handouts, and links can be found on this blog, as well as some idea of our daily or important conversations in class.  I am rather active with it throughout the year, so I recommend that you bookmark this blog, follow it, and sign up for email notifications so that you can always know what is happening in English class. Ideally, you should check this blog daily.

I want you to know that we share the same goal: your children’s academic success and well being. The motive is obvious: given the choice between success or failure, you, your children, and I would certainly and unanimously choose success. As such, we have begun on the same page, and we must ensure that we remain there throughout the year.

Therefore, our open and honest communication is vital to your children’s academic success, and I welcome and encourage your active involvement in their education. I am always happy to hear and address any questions or concerns you may have along the way, so please feel free to contact me anytime.

Together we can make this a great school year!


Mark Regalbuto

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