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Essential Questions:

  • What is the filmmakers’ message? Is it clearly expressed? How?
  • In conveying their message, do the filmmakers take a side? Is there bias in this presentation?
  • What are some significant insights offered by the soldiers through their letters?


  • Examine bias in a video presentation.
  • Extract meaning from a documentary
  • Analyze how imagery, sound, and narration influence viewers’ perception of meaning in a documentary.

* Research the Vietnam War and bring in 5 interesting facts.

8th Grade Mid Year Reflection

Posted: January 2, 2018 in Home

Mid-Year Self-Reflection 8th Grade

Before you begin, please reread your first journal entry from the beginning of the year. Next, in your journal, answer each of the following questions thoughtfully. Be sure that you follow the length requirements. Take your time and be sure to reflect on your answers before writing. This is not an assignment to rush!

1). How have you performed in English class this year? Have you met your own academic expectations in this class?  (2 paragraph minimum)

2). What, in your opinion, has been your greatest struggle when it comes to English class this year?  How did you become aware of it? What can be done to help you overcome it? (2 paragraphs minimum)

3). Please discuss how one concept we learned so far is valuable to know in life. Be sure that you clearly state the concept. (1 paragraph minimum)

4). What have you learned about close reading and analyzing literature?  How might it help you later? (1 paragraph minimum)

5). Please set three new goals for yourself in English class for the remainder of the year.  Once you have listed them, please explain why you have chosen each goal and how you can achieve it.

*Remember: each goal should have an explanation and how you plan to achieve itDo not simply list three goals.