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7th Grade –Outsiders Homework

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  1. Read chapter 1 (1-18).
  2. If we have a snow day tomorrow, read chapters 1 and 2 for Friday. (1-36)
  3. If we have a snow day on Friday, read until the end of chapter 4 for Monday. (1-67)

Active reading focus: I expect to see this information clearly and neatly recorded in your notebooks.

1). Analyze character

2). Identify topics

3). Ask questions (minimum three per chapter)

For those of you who’ve “lost” or “forgotten” your book:

The Outsiders Text

Essential Questions:

  • What is the filmmakers’ message? Is it clearly expressed? How?
  • In conveying their message, do the filmmakers take a side? Is there bias in this presentation?
  • What are some significant insights offered by the soldiers through their letters?


  • Examine bias in a video presentation.
  • Extract meaning from a documentary
  • Analyze how imagery, sound, and narration influence viewers’ perception of meaning in a documentary.

* Research the Vietnam War and bring in 5 interesting facts.