8th Grade Philosophical Friday

Posted: December 11, 2017 in Home

Here are some questions to help you wrap your mind around the concept of virtue. Use these questions to add to whatever your research has shown you so far.

Through the process of inquiry and philosophical discussion, your goal is to determine the nature of evil. Here are some questions to spur your thinking.

What is virtue?

How do we know if someone is truly virtuous?

What is untested virtue?

Do we lack virtue as individuals and a society? Who should exhibit virtue the most? Who most needs it?

Why is virtue important?

How many possible ideas about virtue exist? Are there different types of virtue?

What role do ethics and morals play in identifying virtue? Do you know the difference between ethics and morals?

Who determines what is and what is not virtuous?

How might a deliberate attempt to be virtuous benefit society?

Can an entire society or group be virtuous in a way unique to that society or group? Does the same idea apply to nations?

In the future, in which directions might virtue go? In other words, how might ideas about what virtue is change over time? Why?

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