Some Gothic Adjectives

Posted: October 13, 2017 in Home

Here is a list of Gothic adjectives, courtesy of Period 1:

Gothic Adjectives: unfathomable, melancholy, fiendish, insufferable, sagacious, decayed, clotted, gossamer, inhuman, phantasmagorical, wretched, rigorous, equivocal, detested, hideous, infamous, perverse, dark, terrifying, odious, evil, decrepit, dilapidated, horrific, monstrous, terrified, terrible, cruel, horrified, moody, irritable, grotesque, alienated, extreme, meager, obsessive, foreboding, gloomy, dense, anxious, insane, flickering, treacherous, pervasive, abandoned, isolated, malevolent, grim, macabre, ominous, frightening, supernatural, dreadful, hair-raising, chilling, deadly, corpse-like, funereal, ashen, hellish, clammy, bloody, blood-curdling, shadowy, dank, cavernous, lifeless, sickening, surreal, eerie, uncanny, weird, arcane

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