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8th Grade Research Project info…

Posted: May 21, 2017 in Home

The date for your presentations and annotated bibliographies is 5/30/17. Please work diligently to meet this deadline as you will not be given an opportunity to make it up after that date, nor will you be offered an alternative time–you must complete your presentation ON THE DUE DATE with the rest of the class. 

I have included the handout with the requirements here: 8th Grade Research Project 2017 for posting

The communication rubric for your presentations is here: frolio rubric communication

To achieve success on this project, you must adhere to all the guidelines you’ve been given. You are required to practice your presentations in advance in order to perfect them and to ensure you meet the time requirements. You are guaranteed a poor result for lack of planning, effort, and practice.

Please also bear in mind that, as a project which cannot be taken lightly or completed in a day, you should be reading and conducting your research every night. In fact, you should have already been working for a week! If you haven’t been, you are guaranteeing a poor result for yourself.