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7th Period Fable Criteria

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Home

Student Handout: Fable Assignment

 Write your own fable!

 Fable: A short, fictional prose or verse tale with a specific moral. As allegorical works, fables are told to illustrate a particular point or lesson, which is explicitly expressed at the end of the tale via an epigram. Fables often feature animals (personified) as their principal characters.

Instructions: Using the same moral from the Aesopian fable you’ve read today, or a moral of your own, create your own fable. However, your fable must appeal to a modern audience. Think about how the moral fits the world today, and use the best elements to reach people in our times. The animals you use, as well as the situations, should be familiar to your audience (people today), something they can relate to. You may also illustrate your fable—add pictures, art etc. Your fable is due on Friday, April 8th, 2016.


  • Must contain personified animals as characters
  • Must serve to convey the moral as a general truth
  • Must be grammatically sound
  • All words must be spelled correctly
  • Must be between eight and sixteen sentences in length


*Remember: you have a purpose! Your fable must work to convey the moral—it must not be silly. Silliness will serve to mock the moral, and that is not our purpose!