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For Period 6

Posted: September 26, 2016 in Home

Hopefully this will give you some additional information and clarity. Don’t worry about understanding it completely–just take what you can from it.

American Romanticism and Transcendentalism

Analyzing Character

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Home

Here is a brief overview of our discussion with the 7th grade today.

When analyzing character in a work of literature we focus on:
1). Traits (physical, emotional, psychological, etc)
2). Motivation (What does the character want? What drives this character to behave in each situation or overall?)
3). Other characters’ reactions to and interaction with the examined character.

You must recognize that characters are models of people, and literature is created by people; it’s about people, and it is written for people. Yes…characters are people too! You should judge and assess them with the same skill set you use to understand real people.


7th Grade Vocabulary Test

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Home

All seventh grade classes will have their first vocabulary test next Tuesday, Sept 27th.
Be sure that you study the words–you must know their meanings, parts of speech, antonyms, and how to use them creatively and correctly in sentences.

Seventh grade Reading for This Weekend

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Home

All seventh grade classes: Below is a link to your required reading for this weekend. Don’t forget to compose at least three questions about it. You should print this document and write your questions directly on it.

Seventh grade

Happy Constitution Day!!

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Home

A timeless document from the minds of our inspired forefathers:

Transcript of the constitution

Be sure to explore the site–different parts are on different pages–use the tabs at the top.

Here is the Bill of Rights: Bill of Rights

Every American should know this document well.

Reading for Period 6 tonight:

Posted: September 14, 2016 in Home

Here it is…



7th and 8th Grade Reflection handouts

Posted: September 7, 2016 in Home

Here are copies of the reflection handouts that are due TOMORROW, just in case you’ve lost it.

7th Grade: journal-7th-grade-self-reflection-2

8th Grade, Period 3: 8th-grade-self-reflection-1

8th Grade, Period 6: 8th-grade-journal-1-level-1