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Communication Rubric

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Home

Here is an additional copy of the communication rubric: frolio rubric communication

Here is the scoring guide for the presentations you will deliver tomorrow.

8th grade Franklin presentations rubric

8th Grade Assignment (Period 3)

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Home

You will be in Mr. Hill’s room again today during period 3. Please complete the attached assignment: Frolio Bruce Lee Quotes

8th Grade Period 3 Today

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Home

While MCAS is going on today, period 3 will go to Mr Hill’s room. Students must complete the attached assignment: p3 today

MCAS Tomorrow: 7th Grade

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Home

Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep tonight–and have a good breakfast tomorrow. Also, be sure to bring in an independent reading book in case you finish early.

It’s that time of the year again…please review this document. It has the procedure for answering open response questions…very important. You must follow this process when you take MCAS next week.

Endeavor English: Grades 7 and 8

Please download a copy of this document on open response writing, print a copy (yellow if possible), and bring it to class: MCAS OR procedure

See you tomorrow!

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8th grade Research Papers are due…

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Home

8th grade: Your research papers are due tomorrow in class. Today is a good day to make sure that you finish up–in case you haven’t. If you are unable to print your essay, please use a flash drive, bring it to school, and have it printed BEFORE class. Alternately, you may email me your paper, but please refrain from doing so unless you have no other choice.