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Thesis Statements

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Home

Here is the link many of you requested: Thesis Statement Basics

Write “to” me, not “for” me…

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Home

Just a reiteration on the advice I offered on writing essays…

When you write “for” your teachers, you are thinking about requirements, deadlines, essay components, page length, etc. Some of you are even counting sentences. Such an approach is not conducive to self expression. In fact, that type of thinking will only stifle your expression.

  • Don’t write to check off boxes: an essay is discourse; think of it as a one way conversation, wherein you express your thoughts and ideas. Essays can be a creative form of self expression when you don’t focus only on the requirements.
  • Don’t write just to “get it done.” Take the time to carefully craft your thoughts in writing. Writing is a chance for you to express yourself freely and without interruptions.
  • Write as you talk; we can always make it more formal later.
  • See how creatively you can think about a topic
  • Remember: Don’t dive right in! Use the advantage of the drafting process to make your essay great, and don’t forget to recruit the assistance of the mad artist.

More to follow….