For Writing Your Scenes…

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Home

A Christmas Carol: The Missing Scene

1). Your scene must have a purpose, and it must be important. How will the scene serve to develop a character or highlight a situation? How can you make the scene metaphorical in some way? Basically, what meaning does your scene convey? You should base this meaning on the themes present in the original text.

2). Dialogue must be meaningful and purposeful, as well. Each line should serve to develop the characters. Try to make your characters say important and profound things. Remember: you only have a five-minute performance. (That also means you must be very organized and disciplined).

3). Stage directions should be clear. To write them, you must visualize the scene as it will appear to the audience. Be sure that you write action into your scene. The LAST thing an audience wants to see is a bunch of people standing around on a stage and reading! Do not subject your audience to such torturous boredom!!

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