Proofreading: a few things, of many, to look for

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Home

Here is a partial list of considerations for proofreading your work or anyone else’s. 

The Outsiders should be italicized or underlined; the novel should not have quotation marks around it.

In titles and names of texts, the first letter of each major word is capitalized.

No “I” or “You” –OR ANY FORMS OF THEM—for example, yourself, me, etc.

The hook should be universal and interesting, and it should NOT mention the book or the characters.

Topic sentences for body paragraphs MUST NOT SUMMARIZE PLOT OR ANY EVENTS IN THE STORY. Topic sentences must convey the argument; they are the main idea of the paragraphs they start. The topic sentence is your CLAIM.

Quotes should NOT be set apart from the rest of the paragraph.

The first letter of people’s names should be CAPITALIZED. The same goes for all proper nouns.

The thesis statement must be about the novel, and it must be arguable and strong.

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